Peter Skinner MEP sends a message of support for 25th Sept – EU Hands Off Biking

MAG is receiving support for the 25th from all across the political spectrum, with Conservative MPs joining us on the ride, messages from well wishers in Parties as disparate as UKIP and the SNP and now we are delighted today to say that some Labour MEPs are now getting involved.

This is an imortant development as Labour have historically been prepared to support much of the legislation proposed by the EU Commission and shows that our lobbying is working.

The following message has been received from Peter Skinner MEP for the South East of England, who unfortunately will be out of the country this weekend.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck for Sunday’s ‘day of action’ across the South East and the UK.

Biking has a rich history in the South East and we’re all familiar with the sight of columns of motorcycles making their way to the coast on bank holiday weekends.

I know that for many of you biking is a passion and one of the great attractions is the freedom and individuality it offers. We need to be careful not to overregulate and I will be working with MAG in the South East and in the European Parliament to make sure your voices are heard.

Some of the proposals being floated at the moment are clearly over the top and would be unfair and unrealistic. We need a common sense approach here and that’s what I’ll be telling Brussels over the coming weeks.

I’m told MAG are organising a lobby of the European Parliament in October so hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet with some of you then if not before.

Best of luck

Peter Skinner MEP.