RAV in Exeter a great success

Almost 80 riders made the effort to attend the Riders Are Voters Question Time on 14th April at Bridge Motorcycles in Exeter.

Lee and all the staff at Bridge put on an excellent spread for those attending and apart from the panel of councillors and hopeful new candidates from all the main parties, there was Green Party attendance which is a welcome first for RAV.

It was a lively evening, that started when two of the candidates, Lib Dem and Conservative, went for a first ever ride on the pillion of the Devon Advanced Motorcyclists.

As the evening progressed, the Labour sitting Councillor in Exeter City Council joined MAG, as did four other individuals and there were pledges of corporate MAG memberships from 3 organisations, one of which being the regional Conservative Party!

Paddy Tyson, MAG’s campaigns manager used the closing moments of the evening to highlight the Get A Grip (GAG) campaign for consistent road surfaces and everyone who hadn’t already, signed the GAG petition.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended, and especially to John Groves who put a fantastic event together. All the politicians said they had a really informative evening and learnt a lot about the issues affecting riders and that after all, is what it’s all about.

To sign the Get A Grip petition on line, please go to:  www.getagripuk.org