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Safety leaflet emphasises to motorcyclists the importance of caring for their tyres.

Since the start of the first ever Bike Tyre Safety Month, which extends throughout the month of March, TyreSafe has witnessed a surge in the popularity of its “Motorcycle Tyres and Your Safety” leaflet, which is only one of several information guides on tyre safety which can be downloaded free of charge from the TyreSafe website

In February alone, there were nearly 2,000 downloads, highlighting the fact that the TyreSafe online portal, which was only launched in January last year, has now become an importance resource for the motoring and motorcycling public.

The motorcycle tyre safety leaflet provides essential information to bikers on the different types of motorcycle tyres which are fitted by manufacturers, how to interpret the information on the sidewall of a tyre, and the importance of running with the correct tread depth and pressures.

Only two very small contact patches connect the rider with the road, which means that maintaining tyres in good condition and using the correct levels of tyre pressure is critical to safety.

Furthermore, TyreSafe also warns motorcyclists that in certain European countries it is illegal to use replacement tyres which differ in certain respects from those fitted originally by the vehicle manufacturer.

The TyreSafe “Motorcycle Tyres and Your Safety” leaflet has been produced by experts from the British Tyre Manufacturer’s Association in conjunction with TyreSafe and is available to download from the TyreSafe website at


Note to Editors

TyreSafe is a not-for- profit, non commercial organisation set-up to promote tyre safety and raise the awareness of the dangers of driving on defective or badly worn tyres. Illegal and worn tyres are a contributory factor in many road collisions particularly in the wet.

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