Report from the Tyne Tunnel Protest run

The hottest day of the year so far, saw nearly 100 bikes gather for a run through the Tyne tunnel to draw attention to the stupidity of the toll.

The 20p toll for bikes is hard to administer, earns the Tunnel no real income, causes delays and the Tunnel Authority has publicly said that it no longer wants it either, but still it remains!

Paul, Kitson and John did a fantastic job of organising the day, and the interviews they had with Tyne Tees TV and BBC TV were broadcast as part of news stories on both channels later in the day.

The day was designed to be a warning of what can happen when riders decide to act lawfully and safely, by dismounting to find the necessary change for the barriers. Traffic tailed back on the south side of the river for a considerable distance….

The new privately financed crossing which is under construction, has already admitted that car tolls could increase from £1.20 to £3.80, so we need to ensure that the toll is dropped for bikes before they take charge.