Ride to work week

Monday the 14th July marks the beginning of  “Ride to work week” which is a celebration of motorcycling as the most fuel efficient way of getting to and from work.

As well as being environmentally friendly you will save time by keeping moving and not getting stuck in a stationary car in rush hour traffic. You will be much more likely to be able to find a parking place, in most towns and cities  parking is free for bikes.
Tests comparing car and motorcycle performance on real journeys suggest that travelling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for town centre and city travel, and 20 minutes of every hour for travel through a mixture of built-up and non built-up areas. When you combine these facts with research which reveals that one in six people spend the equivalent of an entire working day travelling to and from work in the course of a week, totalling almost two years of solid commuting over an average working life you soon realise that bikes make sense!
With petrol and diesel prices at record levels and with no sign in the let up of price increases there has never been a better time to consider a commuter scooter or lightweight motorcycle for the daily commute and social journeys. Modern commuter motorcycles can return over 100mpg and cost as little as £15 per annum in vehicle excise duty. Protection from the elements can be provided by modern motorcycle clothing which is stylish, convenient and practical. The expenditure to get onto two wheels will be more than covered in the savings made on fuel and running costs otherwise spent on even the most economical motor car.
The highlight of the week will be “Ride to work day” on Wednesday 16th July and a number of events around the country including “Breakfast meets” will draw attention to the benefits of motorcycling.
Motorcycle Action Group Campaigns Manager, David Short, says, “Those of us who ride bikes know the benefits. The savings that can be made through reducing fuel consumption, reducing pollution and traffic congestion are significant. I use the bike all the time, whatever the journey, whatever the weather. I am saving a fortune! The best thing about the bike is that no matter where I am going I always arrive smiling and full of fun. That alone is a good reason to motorcycle!”

David Short can be contacted on 01347 822214 or 077389 48080