Riders Are Voters in West Midlands

Over 150 riders came to Alf England Motorcycles in Bedworth on Friday night, to meet the new West Midlands Liberal Democrat MEP Phil Bennion. The MAG organised event attracted every type of machine, from scooters to trikes.

Phil Bennion was second on the Liberal Democrat Party list at the last Euro elections, so when Liz Lynne retired in February, Phil Bennion took over as the Lib Dem representative for the remainder of the term.

Phil is on the libertarian side of the Lib Dems, a firm believer in personal freedom of choice and it was refreshing and welcome to hear him say that although he fully endorses the idea of a single economic market, he doesn’t feel the EU  should meddle in all aspects of personal life.

He said he was definitely prepared to sign an amendment to Article 18 of the Type Approval Regulation (which MAG is drafting with another MEP), exempting those bikes not currently covered by anti-modification rules.

What is of particular concern is that there is no evidence to demonstrate that there is an environmental or safety  ‘problem’ which arises from owners modifying their machines, nor is there evidence that this ‘problem’ were it exist, is of any significant size.

 Mr Bennion also said he was prepared to highlight the issue with MEPs from other countries, which is of great importance because some of the countries within Europe do not have Riders’ Rights groups, so MEPs remain ignorant of the situation.

Huge thanks must go to Martin Cole and all the team at Alf England Motorcycles for hosting the event, to all the riders who gave up their Friday evening to attend and to Pete Flavel (MAG Warwickshire’s Political Officer), who put so much effort into organising the event in the first place.