Riders Are Voters lobby Parliament

Riders Are Voters organised another Lobby Day of MP’s which took place yesterday, 7th March. ‘Riders Are Voters’ is a coalition representing riders, industry and sport.

The event was sponsored by Steven Baker MP, of the Associate Parliamentary Motorcycle Group.

Activists were invited to contact their MP’s to make appointments to see them in their place of work and lobby them on specific issues currently affecting motorcycling. This was very much a targeted event and the three main issues that were highlighted, amongst others were:

  • EU Type Approval regulations (particularly anti-tampering)
  • Further restrictions on new riders (mostly DSA related)
  • Importance of bikes to individual mobility and the economy

A number of MP’s dropped in to the Committee Room where the lobby was taking place and the majority of activists in attendance successfully made appointments to see their MP’s to talk about their concerns.

The day as a whole went very well and the feedback from the MP’s concerned was really positive and they were impressed with the level of knowledge and the passion of their constituents in attendance.

We still need you to write to your MP’s and MEP’s with your concerns regarding local and national issues. They’re not mind readers, so need their constituents to highlight these issues and bring them to their attention.

Thank you for all the letter writing that has already been done.

Pictured: MAG member and Dep Gen Sec Louisa Smith with her MP Nadhim Zahawi.