Riders Are Voters Mass Lobby – Preliminary Report

Pictured – A handful of the Riders that attended the Lobby, after the event.

Almost 100 Riders registered to attend the Riders are Voters Mass Lobby of Parliament on 8th November. Meetings with individual MP’s ran from 10am until 6pm, throughout the day.

The Parliamentary Motorcycle Group had booked a two hour slot in the Boothroyd Room at Portcullis House and there was much coming and going as MP’s came to meet their constituents who had made appointments to meet with them.

Various MP’s also dropped in and spoke to the meeting, including: Stephen Pound MP, Steven Baker MP,  Sarah Newton MP and Anne Main MP (St Albans) who sponsored the event. Members of the House re-iterated the importance of us getting our message out to all politicians whether at a local or national level and applauded the work of Riders Are Voters.

Riders attended from as far away as Cornwall and Edinburgh and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everybody who made the effort to come along and meet with their MP’s.