“Safe Motorcycling Through Work” RoSPA

A Guide for employers on how to encourage staff who ride motorcycles (for work, commuting or leisure) to take part in rider assessment and training.

It highlights the scope and business case for employers to promote and/or help to deliver motorcycle safety initiatives.

It is a practical resource designed which is probably most suitable for someone who can act as a ‘safer motorcycling champion’ within an organisation.

This person may be at any level within the company, but will probably be a keen motorcyclist.

The Guide provides:

  • facts and arguments to motivate key decision makers; 

  • ideas and suggestions on how to engage riders; 

  • options for promoting the safer motorcycling message; 

  • useful website links, both locally and nationally; 

  • information on safer motorcycling schemes; 

  • advice on how to get started and how to evaluate success; and 

  • case studies demonstrating ‘what works’.

Extract from Preface

Work plays such a big part in people’s lives and most bikers are in work.

Often it’s where we not only learn skills, but where we interact with people and form our outlook on life – where we form friendships and where we get support.

I think the idea of promoting safer motorcycling via the workplace is really great – using work as a meeting point to help bikers join up with rider trainers and initiatives like ‘BikeSafe’ and advanced rider training.

It’s got my vote. Get out there and sell it your boss and your workmates.

Safe riding

Suzi Perry

Download the Document HERE 819kb pdf