Safer bikers in Wales

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is pleased to note that the number of bikers killed or seriously injured (KSI) has fallen.

MAG can report that, according to figures released recently by Road Safety GB, the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured in Wales during 2016 fell by 7%.  This represents the biggest improvement in KSI statistics in Wales, outstripping figures for pedestrians and cyclists who, along with motorcyclists, are classed as vulnerable road users.

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, said “this is good news on a number of levels: less KSI means not only fewer families suffering the distress of losing a loved one, but also shows that bikers are riding responsibly and taking care on the roads of Wales”.

Figures are currently unavailable for England due to a lack of validated data from the Metropolitan Police for November and December.  Work is under way to rectify this.

Meanwhile, MAG welcomes the evidence showing that, in Wales at least, the “ride safe” message is getting across.

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