Safer Scotland

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders’ rights, has been asked by Safer Scotland to help identify other rider organisations to contribute to their campaign.

Safer Scotland is a Scottish Government lead initiative looking at a wide range of road safety issues. They have contacted MAG with a view to identifying and engaging as many motorcycling focused groups as possible to come together and make a significant contribution to the road safety agenda in Scotland.

MAG Scotland spokesperson, Steve Wykes, believes a united front will massively improve the volume of the riders’ voice in this process.  ‘MAG is a team player when it comes to making improvements to the way riders are treated.  We all share the same concerns and, often, the solutions are fairly easy to work out by engaging with riders from the outset.  By working through to a united message, we have a vastly better chance of achieving common goals – and helping to shape how biking is treated in the medium to long term.’

Under the campaign headline ‘don’t risk it,’ Safer Scotland has created guides for everyday motorbike riding. ‘Whether it’s tackling bends or driving at night we’ve got some tips and techniques to help you be a safe motorbike rider.’  The police have also been running ‘Operation Zenith,’ primarily in the North East of Scotland.  This has involved engaging with riders and raising awareness of the risks associated with motorcycling.  It also includes a hard hitting campaign regarding drink driving and its consequences.

MAG has already identified representatives from several organisations to join the Safer Scotland talks, however if you are reading this and can think of a Scottish based riders group that could play a role, do get in touch. MAG understands ‘safety’ is a concern to many riders, and is more than willing to play its part in finding intelligent answers to dangers facing riders.  ‘Safer Scotland’s initiative makes sense,’ adds Steve, ‘and we’d be failing in our responsibility to protecting bikers from avoidable peril if we didn’t step up to the plate.  I’m looking forward to working with others alongside Safer Scotland on this.’

MAG is keen that as many rider organisations in Scotland as possible are involved to make the best of this opportunity of working together on the Safer Scotland agenda.

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