Secure parking provision for powered two wheelers

Carmarthen & District Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) are pleased to announce that in a landmark agreement where Carmarthen Council has agreed to provide free secure parking for PTW’s in two of Carmarthen Town’s Car Parks.

Carmarthen Council in consultation with Carmarthen & District MAG, has acknowledged that Powered Two Wheelers (PTW’s) can help deliver the shared targets of tackling congestion, delivering accessibility, reducing pollution and other quality of life issues.

Both Friars Park and John Street Car Parks will be provided with a Heavy Duty Rail-type system to allow PTW’s to be securely parked, together with appropriate signage which will enable visitors and tourists to locate the facility.  The rails will be provided by a local Blacksmith.                

Carmarthen & District MAG welcomes this initiative and hopes this will be the first of many collaborative initiatives between the Council and Carmarthen & District MAG.