South East MEP holding special ‘motorcycle surgery’ in Crawley..

Happy New Year!

Let’s hope it’s a good one for you and if we can keep up the pressure from last year, it should be a good one for Riders’ Rights too.

If you live in the South East of England, we are pleased to announce that one of your MEPs, Peter Skinner, is holding a special ‘motorcycle surgery’ at P&H Motorcycles in Crawley on 14th January, at:

P&H Motorcycles Ltd
61-63 Gatwick Road
West Sussex
RH10 9RD

As a result of the huge volume of correspondence he has received from riders in his constituency, he has agreed to meet as many as possible on Saturday afternoon (14th Jan) in perhaps the ideal venue, a bike shop.

He is hoping to hear all your concerns about EU legislation first hand, as well as discuss rider training issues, the state of the retail bike industry and the future of the whole industry in light of various legislation, both proposed and under discussion for future proposal.

If you could arrive before 2pm (time enough to grab a cuppa) Mr Skinner will be available to take questions and hear what you have to say, after 2pm

It is common to visit an MP surgery and discuss local or national issues, but so much of what affects our motorcycling lives now is decided in Europe, this is a great opportunity for us to voice our concerns to an MEP who genuinely wants to understand riders and the bike industry generally.

It should be an interesting afternoon, and remember, P&H is a multi-franchised dealer, so there’ll be loads of bikes to look at too…

Words by: Paddy Tyson, Campaigns Manager.