Stranger & MAG Launch video – It means so much. PRE ORDER THE SINGLE TODAY!

Sick of the nanny state? Weary of the Health and Safety Culture sucking the spirit out of the nation? MAG is a bikers organisation but we carry a torch for everyone who thinks the way we do about the interfering busy bodies of the nanny state.

We’ve been going forty years and fund a non stop professional lobbying effort that is now headed up by former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik, once described as the most libertarian MP in Parliament.

MAG is a responsible organisation but accepts that risk is part of life. Britain did not become Great by being terrified of risk.

Now MAG is promoting a new single release which will bring us huge income to finance our work if it charts. We have two weeks to hit 45,000 sales.It only cost 79p to download the track from the web.

Go to Apple iTunes, type into search library ‘It Means So Much’ and Search. Click ‘It Means So Much¹ by Stranger¹ and pre-order, clicking on price. If you are having problems with iTunes or do not have it installed on your PC, then the single can be bought via Amazon by clicking HERE

Click the link HERE to see the video and find out how you could be in with a chance to win a Fender Stratocaster.