‘Super MOT’ update from France…

European Affairs Committee of the French National parliament has requested the rejection of the proposed European ‘Super MOT’.

The Committee meeting, held on Tuesday 16 October, under the presidency of Mrs Danielle Auroi (Ecolo, Puy-de-Dôme), agreed unanimously on a proposal from 3 Parliamentarians from different political parties, that the European regulation on the periodic technical inspection of motor vehicles is not adopted in France.

The Committee says that to include bikes will put too big a burden on the most vulnerable households economically, since older vehicles affected by the regulation are mostly owned by those with the least money. For these households, the immobilisation of the vehicle and the cost of the test, between 60 and 80 € in France, represent an additional constraint, in a difficult economic crisis, and with the upward trend in fuel prices.

The Swedish and Dutch parliaments have also rejected the EU proposals, several other European countries are poised to do the same. MAG UK is campaigning for the UK to reject the proposals as well.