Superhighway demo postponed

The demonstration by The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) against the cycle superhighway planned for May 30th in London has been postponed.

MAG is pleased to announce a major breakthrough in discussions with Westminster City Council officers (WCC)about aspects of the cycle scheme that will impact motorcyclists.

The postponement will allow MAG to sit down with key players in the WCC to promote the benefits of motorcycling and highlight the potential adverse effects of the cycle scheme on traffic movement in the City.

MAG is sympathetic to the expectations of cyclists as fellow users of single track vehicles, however the justification for turning over such large areas of road space seems disproportionate and likely to cause severe congestion that will ironically prejudice efforts to enhance London’s air quality.

Efforts to enhance London’s air quality include the imposition of an ultra low emission zone under which proposals, bikers will be charged £12.50 a day in common with motorists.

Along with the WCC meetings, meetings are also scheduled with other concerned groups who fear their mobility will be prejudiced by massive traffic jams.

MAG says ‘The scale and potential impact of new objections to TfL plans is increasing and we will bring you details in due course.’

MAG Chair, Selinda Lavender said, “While MAG is an activists’ organisation, we don’t use demonstrations gratuitously. The door on discussion has opened somewhat, possibly because of the prospect of a demonstration. The demonstration will still go ahead this summer unless major compromises are made both to the superhighway scheme and the plan to charge motorcyclists the same as motorists to enter central London.”