Sweden to adopt smaller numberplates for bikes

As France introduces bigger number plates for motorcycles, Sweden decides to make theirs even smaller. Both countries mention improved legibility. European consistency!

We are pleased to have this report from our Swedish FEMA colleagues, SMC.


From 1st January 2014, all Swedish motorcycles and mopeds are allowed to have smaller number plates, 170 x 150 mm. Competition bikes will have the same size but a different colour. All new Swedish vehicles must have number plates with an EU-symbol.

The Swedish Motorcyclists Association, SMC, have asked for smaller number plates on motorcycles and mopeds for a year. The request was supported by several motorcycle organisations and the producers. SMC also requested that the motorcycle owners should have the right to choose a number plate with or without an EU symbol.

Today, the number plates on motorcycles and mopeds, are 195 x 155 mm, SMC proposed 153 x 153 mm for an alternative plate, without the EU symbol. The Swedish Transport Agency is now in a process where they will choose suppliers for all Swedish number plates from 1st January 2014. In the documents SMC found the coming size for motorcycles; 170 x 150 mm.

There are two main reasons for the EU-symbol. According to the Swedish Transport Agency it is cheaper with only one size per vehicle category and it also contributes to increased legibility.

 This might be a small change but the size of the number plate is important to many motorcycle and moped owners. Every new motorcycle and moped will have the new number plate from 1st January 2014. Everyone who already owns a motorcycle or a moped can buy a new plate, today the cost is € 9.

 Attach files with the proposed number plates for motorcycles and mopeds and the plate for competition bikes.