Taunton back on the MAG map!

Over 60 people made the effort to attend the first meeting of Taunton MAG last night, at the Gardners Arms.

It was a fantastic turn out and Rosie and Mike did a brilliant job of organising the whole event.

As a great example of the way that MAG in the south west of the country is reinvigorating itself, some members rode up from the Dorset and South Devon MAG groups and more rode south from Weston MAG, to demonstrate their support for the fledgling group.

Mike and Rosie only decided a month ago that Taunton deserved its own group to promote and defend motorcycling and they seem to be off to a flying start. Mike Baker the S. West regional rep, rode up from Cornwall and Paddy Tyson came along from Central Office to answer any questions people may have had about campaigns or how MAG works.

To top off a great evening, there was even a huge spread of food prepared by the Gardners Arms, which is always a winner! Three new members joined during the evening. Thank you Rosie and thank you Mike. All the best with the new group.