Test Centre Demo – Scotland

Aberdeenshire Motorcycle Action Group, (MAG), give their full support to the upcoming demonstration being organised on the 12th April by the Moray Motor Cycle Test Centre Action Group.

Link: web.archive.org/web/20080416042441/https://mmctag.webs.com/

Aberdeenshire MAG and MAG U.K. are disappointed by the DSA actions to close a significant number of test centres to motorcycle testing across Scotland and the U.K. from 1st October 2008. Going from 63 to 12 testing centres in Scotland will have an adverse effect on people attempting to sit their motorcycle test.

While we support better teaching and increased competency for motorcyclists, we have severe concerns about the lack of facilities being left open, and the distances that learner riders will have to travel in order to sit their motorcycle test.

Elgin is one of a number of areas loosing their test centre, with coverage North of Inverness limited to Wick and Shetland and no coverage on Orkney or down the western Isles. This will result in many learner riders having to ride for over 2 hours to reach the test centre, sit their hour long test, then drive back home a further 2 hours plus. Even with rest breaks, 5 hours driving is an extreme length of time to be asking a learner rider to attempt. The distance and time will be worse when asked to drive through inclement weather, when most learner riders don’t yet have full PPE, and very unlikely to have fully water proof clothing.

The new test has increased elements with a 50Km/h swerve and stop manoeuvre. This manoeuvre has been attempted by a number of instructors, some who themselves have crashed the motorcycles. Given the nature of the element, Aberdeenshire MAG has serious concerns that the fatigue the learner rider will experience having to travel to the test centre will make this section of the test dangerous.

The cost of the test will also become prohibitive to new riders, when requiring your instructor to travel through with you, for a period of 5 hours, plus the cost of the motorcycle hire, petrol and the test itself with result in a bill over £250.

Aberdeenshire MAG has also been concerned by the lack of information coming from the DSA with regard to the number of tests that will be processed through the 12 test centres. Given that there is a 3 month waiting list at some of the existing centres, and they will all be closing. MAG is awaiting reassurance from the DSA that the 12 centres will be able to cope with the demand, and that learners will not have to wait an increased length of time.

During a period of High fuel costs, and increased congestion the U.K. Government should be looking to promote the use of the Motorcycling as a greener alternative and provide an easier route to sitting their Motorcycle test, and not make it impossible.


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