Thankyou to Bikers

The e-mail below was sent to the BMF and MAG as a general thank you from a member of the public and was thought worthy of sharing. Well done to all involved

I am not sure if this is the right way to do this, but maybe you will know the best way to do it? I am not a biker…only been on the back of one once as a teenager…but as average Joe public, I think most people do not have any concept of what bloody lovely people bikers are in general! I am a Nurse, working mostly with children now, and I have been really impressed for the last 20 years at all the fund raising for kids’ charities, in particular, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Acorns Children’s Hospices, the egg runs and Santa runs etc. Now I read about the bikers of Yorkshire’s MCCs, working to deter looters in flood areas (Pirates and, I suspect, loads more…) and generally being wonderful people. So, on behalf of the average British public, thank you so much for all you do.  We might not get chance to get the feedback back to you…but it is noticed and really appreciated.  You bunch of sweeties!  You can keep an eye on my house any time! Please pass on the thanks if you can.  Well done!

Alison Reeves-Guy