The Brighton Speed Trials will be going ahead this year.

Lembit Öpik, MAG’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs visited Brighton earlier this month, with National Chairman John Mitchell (who’s also the South East Region Rep) to see the area for himself.

Brighton MAG also communicated directly with the council to good effect, through Political Officer Joe Greening (using the relationship they’d built up with the bikes in bus lanes campaign); this brought up the wider issue of Brighton’s crumbling Victorian infrastructure, which came to light asone of the reasons behind the cancellation of last year’s event, and the council couldn’t hide behind a safety issue any longer.

This was picked up by the local news, and at a meeting today, the council has seen sense, especially after a petition signed by over 12,000 people on the council’s website.

Hopefully, Madeira Drive’s road surface will be fixed up for this year.

Link to local news Article