The MAG Justice Campaign Fights on!

On Tuesday, MAG’s Lembit Öpik, Director of Communications and Doug Smith, North Devon Rep, went to Exeter to support Bev Taylor in her meeting with the Crown Prosecution Service, regarding the death of her 19-year old son Greg who was killed by Niall Darvell while out on his bike with friends.

BBC Spotlight Report HERE

Darvell was driving a VW Golf which was not roadworthy. Darvell himself walked away without any custodial sentence despite having a history of drug and driving offences and not being insured; as well as driving away from the scene at speed – attempting to remove any evidence from his vehicle.

The CPS does not have a proper answer to what went wrong in this case, including Darvell’s arrest by the police, and its handling of the family. The investigating officer didn’t even mention in his report that Darvell left the scene, which is an instant 6-month jail sentence.

MAG is looking to take this case higher. Bev Taylor’s MP Mel Stride has offered to help. It will take time and a lot of work to sort this case out. If anyone could offer any help in the research that will be needed, please get in touch.

This, and the case of Matthew Thompson are robust examples of what MAG is trying to change with its Justice campaign.

More details on the case here: HERE 

John Mitchell

National Chairman
Motorcycle Action Group