The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) backs bikes for Clean Air Day

MAG has used Clean Air Day as a good opportunity to underline the fact that a shift from cars to motorbikes will help clean up Britain’s air, and is calling on all those who own motorbikes or scooters to ride to work  on two wheels to help reduce pollution.

MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik, says: ‘all the evidence shows the more motorbikes there are, the less pollution there is. Bikes also reduce ‘secondary’ pollution because there is less congestion for cars to sit in. It’s a virtuous circle proved time and again by science.

‘’Really, two wheels are common sense. Bikes are smaller, lighter and generally more economical than cars. Since clean air is something everyone should support, everyone should also support motorbikes and scooters. So, go on, get your bike out and help reduce emissions. It’s the simplest way to make your commute cleaner – as well as a lot more enjoyable than sitting in stationary traffic pumping out exhaust fumes.’

MAG is working actively with other groups to ensure that the full benefit of a shift away from higher-polluting vehicles to more frugal motorbikes is included in the country’s transport plans. The organisation welcomes cooperation with those environmental groups who share our ambition to clean up the atmosphere in our towns and cities – rather than just charging those users who can afford it to pollute.

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