Three days left for EU super MoT consultation. Do it now!

The EU public consultation into proposed changes to, and harmonisation of, Periodic Vehicle Inspections, has only 3 days left to run, ending on 24th September.

MAG would like to thank those of you who have already taken part and dealt with the (sometimes) rather leading questions. However, we would particularly like to thank those of you who tried to fill in the form over the weekend and informed us that it was impossible to do so.

An official complaint has been sent to the Commission and an explanation requested as to why the consultation is offline ahead of due date. This may be through design or technological glitch, but please periodically check the consultation to see if you can fill it in. We understand this is inconvenient but would really appreciate your help with this at the eleventh hour so to speak!

In the meantime, if you are a facebook user, please go here and join the facebook campaign. According to FEMA, 100 people a day have been joining the facebook group and FEMA web traffic has tripled in the last month, so this is an issue riders feel strongly about.

Please have a look at the above to reaquaint yourself with the topic, but just to reiterate, there are various issues arising from this consultation that are of interest.
First, the timing of the public involvement – less than two months just isn’t enough, especially if even that is being curtailed.
Second, the countries most effected don’t use English as their first language, yet the consultation is only availble in English.
Third, it ‘was’ only available online.
Fourth, the nature of the questions makes it impossible to answer as you may desire. For example, would you like the price of the inspection increased by 15%, 20% etc, but no option to say 0%.