Tory Shadow Roads Minister backs Riders Are Voters

Prominent figures from the world of motorcycling gathered at the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) stand for the launch of the ‘Riders Are Voters’ campaign at the opening of the Carole Nash NEC Bike Show.

The Campaign that mirrors the objectives of MAG’s 1997 ‘Bikers Are Voters’ seeks to establish the views of all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates on a range of biking issues prior to the General Election 2010.
The campaign enjoys the support of MAG, the BMF, and the Motorcycle Industry Association. Besides seeking politician’s views the campaign is initially focused on determining what issues most concern today’s riders.
Riders are invited to submit their pet issues on the RAV website Those without internet access are invited to submit in writing to: MAG UK, PO Box 750, Rugby, CV21 3ZR.
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The picture shows left to right: Paddy Tyson (MAG Campaigns and local group co-ordinator), Former Roads Minister and current MCIA President David Jamieson, Tara Glen (MCIA Chair), Robert Goodwill (Shadow Roads Minister), Steve Kenward, (MCIA Chief Exective), Nich Brown (MAG General Secretary)
Further information:
Ian Mutch 020 8556 6495
Nich Brown: 01788 570065