Towcester MAG celebrated its first birthday last night with an AGM, raffle, lots of lovely cakes and an amazing 7 new members!

In a first hectic year, the group, who meet at Jack’s Hill Cafe on the A5, embraced the whole RAV campaign with such vigor, they ended up having a 45 minute audience with the previous Transport Minister, Lord Adonis, and in a more social context, manned an excellent stand at the Ton-Up Classic Day last year.

The raffle and donations totalled almost £40 and volunteers stood for every post on the committee:
Stephen Loft (Lofty) – Rep.
Duncan Carter – Treasurer
Dave Jeffrey – Secretary
Jay Phelps – Political Officer (North)
Duncan Carter – Political Officer (South)
+ 5 riders volunteered as Dealer Liaison, ensuring an easy spread of work over a big geographical area.

MAG welcomes all of you and especially the seven new members who are all members of the CMA: Martin, Sharon, Ian, Colin, Jay, John and Susan, some of whom are pictured with Neil Daniel, the driving force of the group.

Paddy Tyson is particularly grateful that he was presented with all the spare cakes as a gift for the staff back at Central Office.