Two new clubs affiliate to MAG

MAG would like to extend a warm welcome to the The Bandit & SV Owners Club and Roadrunners Cruiser Owner Club who have both recently affiliated to MAG.

The Bandit and SV Riders Club began late 1999, early 2000, when it was originally called The Bandit Owners Club and started by Sarah & John at Banditmania in Lincoln. The Name changed again in 2002 to the Bandit and SV Owners Club when SV’s were allowed to join. We are a very active group, so check out our website:

ROADRUNNERS CRUISER OWNERS CLUB was started in August 2009 by six members of a previous owners club within the West Midlands. The idea behind ROADRUNNERS CRUISER OWNERS CLUB is that it was created for anyone with a love for being on two wheels who wanted to experience the thrill of riding and socialising within a group. We are a friendly group, please check out our website:

We would like to thank both clubs for their interest in the Motorcycle Action Group and for their support.