Parking charges introduced for PTW (Powered Two Wheelers) by Westminster City Council, run contrary to the Government’s aim to ‘mainstream’ motorcycling and to the Mayor of London’s plans to make London more motorcycle-friendly, say representatives of the motorcycling community.

Coming out in support of a protest demonstration arranged for December 14th  MAG and BMF, jointly representing some 150,000 motorcyclists, say that at a time when Mayor Boris Johnson is opening up bus lanes to PTWs and more and more people are turning to motorcycles and scooters, increased and free parking provision should be provided, not punitive charges introduced.
Throwing their combined weight behind the ‘No To Bike Parking Fees’ (NTBPF) campaign (, the group say that motorcycles and scooters provide the ideal solution for commuters seeking a genuine door-to-door solution and especially so for low paid key workers. In fact, where public transport does not serve their needs and cycling is not an option, PTWs provide the only realistic alternative for those seeking personal mobility.
Warren Djanogly, Chairman of NTBPF said: “Westminster Council say ‘it’s only £1.50 a day or £150 if paying for a year’, but this misses the point. PTWs are the only viable means of transport for many low paid workers and this hits them hard. That’s why we welcome the support of the wider motorcycling community in opposing these unwarranted charges.”
What has particularly incensed PTW users is that charges have been introduced with the barest minimum of consultation and crucially, with minimal notification of implementation. This has resulted in confusion with users and consultees being led to believe that charges were being introduced for an experimental trial period, whereas the only experimental part was the provision of extra parking spaces, the charging was not to be a trial, it was for real! The group is now asking all those affected to contest the charges by writing to Martin Low at Westminster Council, West One, 59 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ, quoting reference 5303-03/AJ
Concerned that the Westminster model is likely to be adopted elsewhere in the UK, the group is now calling for all PTW users, whether directly affected or not, to support the next demonstration being held at 11am on Sunday 14th December 2008 at Golden Square, London, W1 .
As well as being economical, PTWs with their efficient use of space do not cause congestion, are able to filter through congestion where it does take place and occupy less space for parking. They are environmentally friendly, comply with current European emission limits and, coupled with their ability to avoid dense traffic, pollute far less than four-wheeled traffic. 
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