Two year sentence for causing death by careless driving

The Motorcycle Action Group is pleased that Brian Hampton has been brought to Justice over causing the death of 16 year old Jade Clark, while driving his Volvo XC90 in February this year. However, they feel the sentence handed down by Judge Samuel Wiggs, is woefully inadequate.

Hampton received a two year sentence for causing death by careless driving. An additional four year sentence was imposed for Perverting the Course of Justice. The sentences will run consecutively.

Hampton, who was an ex-paramedic, was driving while disqualified for drink driving. He denies knowledge of the accident, yet drove around Jade and fled the scene, leaving her laying in the middle of a busy road. He later  attempted to cover his tracks by having his car repaired. He lied to both his wife, and the garage where the car was repaired, as to the circumstances behind the damage.

MAG applauds the work of the police in bringing Hampton to Justice, considering the large amount of resources used. They inspected around 1,400 Volvo XC90’s before identifying the driver. They described Jade as quite an experienced rider, despite her age.

MAG understands that the Judge followed the sentencing guidelines laid down by the Government. John Mitchell, MAG’s National Chairman, has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General to ask them to review the prosecution of the case, and Brian Hampton’s sentence. Also to review sentencing guidelines, which seem to be at the heart of the problem. He has also asked his MP to table a question in parliament on the apparent lack of value given to the life of a vulnerable road user.

John said: “Brian Hampton should not have been on that road that particular day. He was already disqualified. His actions in attempting to cover up the incident are cowardly in the extreme. In this situation we cannot just blame Hampton, the law needs to be clearer on appropriate sentencing. If a banned driver receives only a two year sentence for causing the death of a vulnerable road user, what sort of value does that put on a human life?”