Update on not guilty ‘SMIDSY’ verdict

We understand that the item of news we reported about the death of motorcyclist David Blackburn has angered many of you and us included.

MAG has been working on establishing all of the facts pertinent to this case. As part of this process we have been in touch with Lincolnshire Police. The Head of Casualty Reduction of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, Detective Inspector Rob Grace, has been kind enough to come back to us with the following statement:

“We are disappointed at the outcome of the case involving the sad and avoidable death of David Blackburn.

The Lincolnshire Police Collision Investigation Team conducted a
thorough investigation into the circumstances, and presented the
evidence to the Crown Court where a Jury returned a not guilty verdict”.

We are continuing to gather further information in order to formulate a course of action in this case.

We will continue to update you as and when we are able to do so, please watch this space.