Urban riders road safety DVD released

A new road safety DVD focusing specifically on commuter PTW riders in towns and cities has been launched in Leeds.

The Commuter Survival Guide for Motorists looks at planning and positioning from an urban perspective.

Filmed on location in West Yorkshire, the DVD covers a number of real world scenarios that riders commonly face. It looks at how riders can mitigate the dangers that the constantly changing urban road environment present.

David Glanville, west Yorkshire PTW road safety officer, said: “Riding in town requires a different skill set to negotiating country roads.

“Yes, speeds in town are generally a lot lower but there are far more potential hazards and riders can’t always rely on other road users to do the right thing. This resource should help riders get to and from work more safely and efficiently.”

The DVD is available to riders across west Yorkshire through local dealerships and accessory shops. Alternatively click here
www.qualityyorkshireriders.com/commuter-intro.htm to view clips.

For more information contact David Glanville
david.glanville@leeds.gov.uk  or telephone on: 01332 475804.