VED Evasion – True Figures

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) challenged figures released in a recent Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts report which suggested that motorcycle VED evasion rates were as high as 40%.

This headline grabbing figure was picked up by the national media which portrayed motorcyclists as habitual law breakers and VED duty evaders. MAG challenge the claim which it describes as irresponsible in stereotyping motorcyclists as law breakers.

Today’s release of information from the Department of Transport into the true levels of VED indicates that motorcycle VED evasion is estimated at 6.5% compared to 2.5% VED evasion for all other vehicle types. Very different to the 40% figure for motorcycle VED evasion previously bandied about.

MAG Campaigns Manager, David Short, says, “MAG does not condone in any way those who ride their bikes without tax. The overwhelming majority of bikers are law abiding and pay their dues as responsible citizens. It is therefore very galling when figures put out by government, as the public accounts committee did, that motorcycle VED evasion was up to 40% despite dubious methodologies used to arrive at this fantasy figure. Clearly it is still too high but it is not the all out snub to society as it was previously suggested’.


Notes for Editors

1. Department for Transport (DfT) report Here

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