Westminster Bike Parking Tax Councillor resigns

One of the key figures behind the implementation of Westminster Council’s controversial Motorcycle Parking Charge has resigned from his post.

Making the decision to quit before the recent elections, Councillor Danny Chalkley said he was leaving his post “to concentrate on other projects”.

Mr.Chalkey’s departure has prompted a welcome response from anti-bike parking tax campaigners; Charles Lort-Phillips, from the No To The Bike Parking Tax campaign, said: “As far as we’re concerned it’s goodbye and good riddance. We don’t expect much will change, we think he was pushed out as a PR move. It’s not just the motorbike charge, it’s taxis, parking and court cases that have driven him out.”

Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, leader of the opposing Labour group, said: “Councillor Chalkley has paid the price for the very many parking failures that have engulfed Westminster over recent years. We now call on the new cabinet member for parking, Councillor Lee Rowley, to finally see sense and to scrap the hated motorbike parking tax.”

Here at MAG we have said from the start that charging for motorcycle parking in Westminster is nonsense, so we hope that the Council will take the opportunity to rectify this electoral blunder.