Westminster City Council Bully Boys!

Westminster City Council (WCC) are at it again, using public money to act against the public interest.

It has come to light that in their efforts to stop the ‘No To Bike Parking Tax‘ campaign, WCC have sent threatening emails to the web service who have been hosting the ‘No To‘ website. So vociferous have these been, that the hosting company felt compelled to withdraw their services, and as such, remove the No To website from the internet.

WCC have allegedly threatened to take legal action over some material on the website that they believe to be defamatory, but the irony is that the material in question is actually on a completely different site!

What is striking about this situation, apart from the fact that a public body such as Westminster City Council should be above such behaviour, is that they also instructed the web hosting service to remove all of the sites managed by an individual involved with the No To campaign. These are commercial sites, completely unrelated to the campaign and as such are seriously affecting the livelihood of an untold number of businesses.

It is not yet clear whether the action was as a result of Westminster policy, or that of one senior Council employee, but as I write this, the No To site is back online and now being hosted by the same organisation that supplies webspace for Wikileaks.

Who says motorcycle politics is dead?